Who is Tom Dixon

Who is Tom Dixon

You might have heard about Tom Dixon, if not we will talk about who he is, and tell you why you need to know his work.

He’s a British designer who specializes in designing different types of light. He’s well known for his British type design.

What is British design?

Tom Dixon describes it as a slightly more urban design than Italian, French, and Japanese. British design is more focused on the functionality than on the look itself. This might sound bad, but many people find that nice. The main benefit of the British design is that the material is often more robust, so the items will last longer.

Here is a video in which Tom Dixon describes what exactly he means.

Interior design, lighting

Tom Dixon is well known for his different designs of interior lighting. Most of the time he gets inspired from nature, his designs are all very similar to object that you can find in nature. The other interesting thing about his lights is, that it often creates this feeling that you are in a forest or in another natural place. This is very suitable for cozy bars or cafes. Mabey even for a very cozy living room.

How to get your hands on his products.

As you can imagine, his designs are very hard to get, every single thing that he designs is unique, however, a designer company FCI London has worked with him, so you can get some of his work on their website or on FCI Facebook page.


Tom Dixon is great self-taught interior designer who is always thinking how to improve the design and bring something new into the interior. Here is a short interview with him.